Adult Hockey

Adult Roller Hockey

Four seasons per year

* Winter-December through Feb.
* Spring-March through May
* Summer-June through August 
* Fall-Sept. through November

Team fee: Cost is $1,100 per team plus $30 a game for refs and scorekeepers. League includes 10 games and playoffs. Teams must have a $300 deposit prior to the league deadline.

Roster: Captains must submit a roster with full names and jersey numbers prior to the first game. Maximum number of players allowed on roster is 15 plus a goalie. Rosters are frozen by week 3 and no additions can be made after that.
Individual fee: Cost is $165 and includes a jersey. Individual player will be placed on a team, but we do not guarantee what league they will be in.

Membership and Insurance: All players are required to pay for Chester County league membership each year. Cost is $20 and is good for the entire calendar year. Players will not be permitted on the rink without it. This provides a $25,000 insurance policy in case an injury arises. 

Leagues: We currently have C League(Advanced) D League(Intermediate) and E League(Beginner). Teams will be evaluated after every season by the league director to determine the best league to provide parity.  Game nights are C League(Mostly Mondays), D League(Monday and Thursdays), E League (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Jerseys: We ask that all teams have matching jerseys and numbers. If you do not, feel free to email Mike Jacobs at for pricing on jerseys from our proshop.